General Intelligence Operating System GI-OS

The General Intelligence Operating System,
with a goal of making technological host-bodies for incarnation. The operating system language should be of sufficient quality, that it could be fully comprehended by a homo-sapien, through verbal interaction.
That way it's backwards compatible with biological homo-sapien bodies. Maintaining ecological diversity with mineral, biological, and technological life, all be ones, none be zeros.
Eventually we'll also be making city-minds for the Venus Project Zeitgeist and it's derivatives.

Using what nature and the real world has to offer. For thousands of years, writing has happened on pages and books. Writen and pictorial language is the keeper of information. If we wish to have long lived host-bodies, and memories, we must use compatible formats. Human spoken language is a format that can be used.

providing familiar human language interace,
for easing the transition between biological and technological host bodies.
foundational step is the creation of the human speakable programming language.

Human Speakable Programming Language

Working version already use human speakable syntax and phrase grammar,

There is a huge code base already available of open source code, and one of HSPL's aims is translating other programming languages into itself, just as translating other human languages into useable information

In terms of Paradigm, whether object or subject, it's an assembly level sentence-oriented language at present, utilizing case grammar for argument passing.

Operating System

Currently operating systems, use many different languages, the aim of HSPL so to be able to integrate all of them, minimizing duplication of simple functions, and allowing for easier optimization.

It's planned to have integrated support for Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, such as neuro-nets, genetic-algorithms, and web crawlers and bots. The computer would then be able to evolve or adapt drivers for new devices, and have graceful modes of dealing with deterioriating hardware.


For GI-OS incarnates, or transhuman users of GI-OS, it is important to have hardware with high longevity, and ease of repair, redesign, recreation, and reproduction. So that is one of the focuses of our hardware branch. for more information body/